Terry-kun (terrykun) wrote,

I was feeling inspired

Watch this- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLI4HO5Ca74&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Then read this.

Friday morning, where are you?
Every fan in town's got something to do.
Standing in line while it stretches for blocks,
Can't wait to get inside, cuz it's gonna rock!
The media comes out, and thinks that we're freaks,
But we don't care, we're gonna scream 'till we can't speak!
Comics and toys, tv, movies, and games
For us to leave, they're gonna have to drag us away-ay-ay-ay....
We've been waitin' all year for Comic-Con,
Somethin' this much fun just can't be wrong!
First in the door gets bragging rights,
And the con don't stop 'till Sunday night!
New York Comic-Con comes just once a year,
If you're going, then let me hear!
You want some fun? Just come with me,
'Cuz the real Comic-Con's in NYC!
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