Terry-kun (terrykun) wrote,

What Late Night Chat Has Wrought

Alchemyprime:    http://www.halolz.com/2011/07/08/my-fortress-pony/
GoggleBoy83:    Rainbow Dash would totally be the Scout
GoggleBoy83:    Uh, I mean...
serenity2132:    Would that make the crazy one the soldier?
GoggleBoy83:    Fluttershy would be The Medic
Alchemyprime:    Pinkie Pie?
Alchemyprime:    ... She might be the soldier.
Alchemyprime:    I kind of see her more as the Heavy myself.
GoggleBoy83:    "I am bulletproof! AHAHAHAH!"
Alchemyprime:    Right, exactly.
Alchemyprime:    Who would Twilight Sparkle be?
GoggleBoy83:    Applejack would be The Sniper
GoggleBoy83:    Twilight Sparkle would be the Soldier, ready to give advice on war to absolutely everybody
Alchemyprime:    We're missing a pony... Oh, right. Rarity.
Alchemyprime:    ...
Alchemyprime:    I want to see Derpy Hooves as the Engineer and Doctor Whoof as the Spy. Because the Spy is a dashing rogue.
GoggleBoy83:    Rarity is the Demopony
GoggleBoy83:    Creating the most beautiful and carefully planned explosives ever!
serenity2132:    ...
serenity2132:    We're having thuis conversation
serenity2132:    Which My Little Pony character fits which class in a cartoonishly violent videogame like TF2.
Alchemyprime:    ...
Alchemyprime:    Yeah?
Alchemyprime:    ... This is not the weirdest part of my day, honestly.
Tags: chat, my little pony, team fortress 2
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