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Highlights From Thursday and Beyond (Beyond meaning backwards as well as forwards)

Stuff From Before Thursday!
  • Working for Kelly Services grading tests for various states' Departments of Education. It's mind-numbing work but it's full-time hours, I get out before rush hour, and the pay is fair, if not great.
  • Going to BotCon this year! Woohoo!
  • I graduated! Back in January. Sorry for not mentioning that sooner.
Thursday Until Now!
  • Mom and Dad came to visit to help us with re-doing the patio in the backyard. The previous owners left a miserable attempt at a tiled area, and we're finally getting around to sprucing it up. Dad has a few decades experience in masonry, so his help is invaluable. Mom comes with him however. -__- We /almost/ hosted them here, but beloved Mother-in-Law, Lynn, jumped on that grenade and let them stay with her.
  • For those of you not intensely familiar with my mother, I'll paraphrase my friend Kevin. "TJ's mother is a caring, friendly, generous, helpful, and loving person...without the social skills necessary to express ANY of that."
  • I was stressed out all day at work on Thursday, just thinking about the fact that Mom and Dad were going to be at our home without me and Amanda present. Played havoc on my digestive tract, the stress did. I also discovered that I'm apparently not the best in my work group without trying, which is annoying.
  • Got home to find that Mom and Dad had made initial headway on the backyard, then assisted with removing the old tiles under our prigola (like an arbor [like a gazebo, without walls]) and I carted them off.
  • Mom spent the next two days largely tossing stuff of ours aside whenever Dad didn't keep her busy helping him, under her perceived notion of things having no obvious value to her, so they were garbage. Raised beds were emptied, dirt was left piled against the fence where it will rot the wood unless we move it (like she promised she would do today and failed to live up to), and many an innocent perennial, brought inside to over-winter, was tossed aside like garbage.
  • Package arrived for me on Friday from Japan, leading to intense questioning by Mom as to why packages are arriving, and demanding to know what it was/if I had bought anything. I was pretty much spiraling into an incoherent ball of stress at this point, it being the tail-end of the week, and Mom and Dad already regularly screaming at each other and me.
  • It's funny to see how I get along so well with Dad now, but can't be in the same space as my mother. It used to be just the opposite.
  • Highlight of the discarding of stuff was only discovered by me Friday evening, after many hours of dealing with Mom's crap, and retreating into the extension/second office/guest room of the house to just let myself cry. (Sleep exhaustion + insane amounts of stress + fishing possessions out of a garbage can = no shame in needing to vent). While I was in there I saw that she had stripped off the blanket from the futon that we use to protect it from the cats. Mom apparently needed a blanket to cover part of DAD'S TRUCK BED. Note that Amanda made this blanket herself back in middle school. Despite my best efforts, Mom still doesn't understand that she did anything wrong.
  • In spite of exhaustion and emotional instability, grocery shopping still needed to be done. Treated myself to a bar of Endangered Species Chocolate to be opened upon Mom's eventual departure.
  • Saturday wasn't as bad in terms of overall stress level, but it went for rapid-fire bad events. The first of which was the fact that it was raining, which turned the backyard into a mud-pit, quickly turned into a series of ruts from multiple wheelbarrow trips. We brought back large amounts of stone-dust to lay the foundation for the new patio.
  • Said stone-dust was dropped off just before nine in the morning, so I had to get up early, in spite of usually using the weekend to cash in my sleep deficit. Another fight ensued with Mom after I reminded her (as I've done so for the past two weeks of planning all this) that Amanda and I needed to make an errand run to do some banking this morning, since I no longer had weekdays free to do so.
  • Upon arriving at the bank (yay for depositing our federal return), we found out that without proof of residence, which Amanda had none of, we couldn't add her to my account as an authorized individual, meaning that I'll have to bring her along with me again the next time a check comes along made out to both of us.
  • Just as we were pulling into the bank, even, we get a call from Chuck (housemate), informing us that when the second truck-load of stone-dust left, they snagged the fiber-optic wire overhead and destroyed our internet connection. :(
  • Upon getting home, I managed to wait through a half hour of Verizon's elevator music and get to an actual person, who informed us that a repair team would come by tomorrow morning (willing to do an on-site repair with no customer cost on Easter Sunday morning? Verizon gets my loyalty for a good long while). Not the greatest news, but better than we expected.
  • I was pulling my boots back on to go outside and help out again, when the bench in our front hallway split in half underneath me. WHAT. THE. HELL. UNIVERSE?
  • Final aggravation of the day was when trying to sort out when would be the best time for Dad to come back and help us continue with the job (more than could be done in just the past few days). Mom snuck up on me while I was mentioning that I'd be out of town for a few days at the start of June, which set her off on another inquisition when I refused to tell her (that I was going to a Transformers convention)
  • Eventually, they left, and there was much rejoicing, and some chocolate.. and ultimately an appletini made with awesome vodka from Iceland that Rachel got me when she and Max stayed here on their way back from England.

And, in short, beloved followers, that is Just What Kind of Weekend It Has Been. *collapses*

ETA: The repair guys actually showed up today, mercifully. (: I'm indulging in much reading of Order of the Stick.
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