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Today's/this week's strip concerns the Cavia/Square game "Nier", available in both Gestalt and Replicant flavours. Why available in two different flavours you ask? Well, the titular character is a grizzled and towering veteran badass monster fighter on a quest to save his sick daughter.


That's if you're playing Gestalt, anyway. If you're playing Replicant, the alternate edition Square insisted on being able to make for release in Japan, then Nier is... well... not.


Nier Replicant is the same setting... only now you're playing as a young man on a quest to save his sick little sister. This lithe, guyliner-wearing, deco-art sleeved, powdery white boy-hero. Now, some of you might think that once word of this had circulated pre-release, the Japanese gaming community would be up in arms over executive meddling, and do their best to support the 'original' title, yes?

"In Japan, Nier Gestalt sold over 12,500 copies in Japan the week of its release, while Replicant sold over 60,000 and was the top-selling video game in Japan that week." - Wikipedia

One more issue to observe with the game, below the cut due to spoilers about one of the supporting cast.

Meet Kaine (should be an accent on that e, but windows is not cooperating). A kickass fiery-tempered, foul-mouthed monster slayer who also likes to collect flowers. The foul-mouthed part comes from being raised by her equally fiery-tempered and foul-mouthed grandmother, Kali.

Kaine's backstory appears during the second time you play through the game, in which you not only discover her youth with her grandmother, but also that she is a hybrid of the main monster race of the game. The wrapped limbs are to keep the latter a secret. She is a more than capable melee combatant and magic user, and was surviving on her own well before she meets Nier, also thanks to her grandmother.

Along with being intersex. She was harassed when she was younger over this, so she purposefully chooses clothing that accents feminine traits.

An entire initial playthrough of the game, in which she is an important member of the main cast, goes through without this being spotlighted or made an issue of. (:

And in more cheerful aspects, I found this when looking over YouTube comments for this year's No-Pants Subway Ride video. (:

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