Terry-kun (terrykun) wrote,

Ellie Goulding

So, the musical artist I'm following at the moment is Ellie Goulding. She's got a nice voice, somewhat distinctive from the West coast's stock supply of bleached blondes and such, and her lyrics are catchy enough. Something interesting caught my attention in her music video for "Lights" though.

The first thing I noticed (this video was the first time seeing any visual of her) was that she's not a stick figure. Strong full-figured legs that I find very attractive, and a non-emaciated face. What I kept noticing after that was that for about 90 percent of the video, her hip and waist region is either kept blocked (drum set) or she's wearing a black dress and is against a black background.

Maybe I'm over-thinking, but does it seem to anyone else (Kat? Karen? either Amanda?) as though that's intentional? Full body pictures of her are semi-hard to find (I say only semi because this /is/ the internet), but her figure seems lovely, but it also seems to be intentionally kept hidden in this and her other videos. Thoughts?




Tags: gender observations, music
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