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DC's New 52

Here's my general outlook on the New 52. Basically, I think the titles involved all fall under one of four categories.

Category A - The Obligatory - These are the titles that we all knew were a given. I'm not saying that's a good or bad thing for any of them as a rule, just that they were all obviously coming.

Justice League - DC claims they're going to have a huge cast, but apart from Hal's appearance in the first issue, it really feels like the other members of the League are just set dressing for the Trinity and Friends. And DC, STOP ACTING LIKE CYBORG IS AN A-LISTER. I love Vic Stone, I think he's a great character with a lot of depth, but he does not belong on the Justice League. It didn't feel natural on Superfriends, and it doesn't feel natural now.
Action Comics - It would be really nice if this wasn't just Superman stories forever and ever.
Detective Comics - Same, but for Batman.
Green Lantern - Looking forward to it, as it actually seems to be carrying forth some of the events of Brightest Day and War of the Green Lanterns.
Batman - Hard to get more obligatory than this.
Legion of Superheroes - This one I thought about for a bit, but then it did seem right. DC's sci-fi offerings seem to be a little light, so I am glad we're still getting a future setting.
Supergirl - Like Superboy, but hitting a different demographic than Superman, and with a better preserved character history (Crises aside).
Wonder Woman - There would be pitchforks and torches if DC left this out of their launch.
Flash - Less obligatory than the Trinity, but still very expected. Just wish it was Wally instead of Barry.
Superman - Okay, this is more obligatory than Batman.
Teen Titans - I'm actually relatively interested in this one, despite the art style being a little busier than I care for in general.

Category B -The  Progress - These are titles that I think either put forward Fan Favorites that aren't quite A-listers, or titles that are branching out beyond the typical superhero stock material. (Not a lot of these are going to get comments from me, since in nearly all cases, I'm ludicrously fond of all of them, and have no complaints. (:  )

Animal Man - Oh god... the art. It bleeds concentrated AWESOME.
Batgirl - Issues with it being Barbara aside, I'm glad to see this identity get continued exposure.
Men of War + Blackhawks - I like the use of the genre, but I really feel just one of these would have been enough. My preference would have been for Blackhawks.
Static Shock - Let's hope they can find a healthy middle ground between his Milestone Roots and the animated version that got him better exposure.
Demon Knights + Frankenstein - Same as for Men of War and Blackhawks.
Red Lanterns
Birds of Prey - At least there's no more Hawk and Dove on the team. Oh. Wait. (See Category D.)
Blue Beetle - :)
Captain Atom
Green Lantern Corps
All-Star Western - Another good genre bump.
Green Lantern: New Guardians
I, Vampire - Now this feels distinct enough from Demon Knights and Frankenstine that I welcome it.
Justice League Dark - Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, and The Shade. What more do you WANT?

Category C - The Neutral - No real opinion on these ones. Titles that really just feel like filler, even from an editorial/marketing standpoint.

Green Arrow
Stormwatch - Now, I actually think this was a solid book, and a good step in the Wildstorm Integration, but I'd rather these characters be introduced through story arcs in other titles.
Batwoman - Now co-starring Hit-Girl! I mean, Flamebird. Considering the practicality Kate has always been presented with, I would really have liked to see her stories becoming the flagship for Detective Comics.
Resurrection Man - Meh.
Suicide Squad - Love the concept and the history, but very very wary about this new lineup and direction.
DC Universe Presents - Need to see what kind of exposure we actually get before passing judgment.
Jason Todd and the Ginger Squad, a.k.a. Red Hood and the Outlaws
Fury of Firestorm

Category D - The Pointless - Really DC? These are mostly titles that I feel are rendered redundant by being part of an overall 'family', or that could have been better served by leaving a slot for someone from Category B.

Batwing - Now, don't get me wrong. I actually liked the first issue and the protagonist, but if DC is trying to show more diversity, why are they streamlining POC characters into just being knock-offs of one of their big titles?
Hawk & Dove - Stop it DC.
O.M.A.C. - Dammit, I just got that taste out of my mouth...
Swamp Thing
Batman & Robin
Deathstroke - Now with more plot armor than ever before!
Legion Lost - I like the characters, but I don't think it's a property that needs a second book.
Mister Terrific - See my comments on Cyborg in category A.
Superboy - Young Justice tie-in. You're doing it right. That doesn't make it a good book concept.
Batman: The Dark Knight - Have we mentioned lately that he is DARK and GRITTY and that his PARENTS ARE DEAD?
Savage Hawkman - I don't care if he's a classic. I DO NOT CARE. YOU HEAR ME?

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