Terry-kun (terrykun) wrote,

It is not I who am crazy... it is I who am MAD!

Okay, so, in a fit of either brilliance or boredom... I composed a rap about the Animated Stunticons, from this year's BotCon exclusives. (Don't you judge me, internets!)

Anyone who wants to help me come up with actual music for this is more than welcome. :)

Out from a lab filled with scalpels and oil slicks
Shockwave was undercover, now it's time for a new trick
We traded wings for wheels, so we could play a whole new game
'In disguise' is old, don't think this is the same
Other 'cons are breaking clouds
We're roadbustin' the ground
We livin' in the fast lane
We put the pedal down!

And the con is on (it's on, it's on)
And the con is on (it's on, it's on)

You know his form is sweet
Bust your tail in a race
So why are things always
Blowin' up in his face?
Don't mistake this for a sideswipe
It's a new wreck in town
On the road to destruction
It's a total Breakdown

This roadster's layin beats
Shot from a cannon, that's drastic
But his flow's so depressin'
Like we're all made of plastic
His face is so stylish
As he drifts round every bend
'Sparks fade into darkness'
That's the word from Dead End

And the con is on (it's on, it's on)
And the con is on (it's on, it's on)

Don't call her a damsel,
You diode-bloomin' fools.
That's a badass chick
And she's breakin' all your rules
Skinny little form
Ticks her off, but it's true
That's why you never see it comin'
When Drag Strip cuts into you

Explosions goin' off To the left and to the right
No better way To spend opening night
He's an artist but nobody seems to understand
Stop goin' off script and listen to his commands!
Chainsaw's revvin' up to cut into all you bots
Better listen up, Wildrider's callin' the shots!

And the con is on (it's on, it's on)
And the con is on (it's on, it's on)

The M-O-T-O-R M-Aster
Leader of the crew
That brings the most disaster
Snap into some energon
Be off in a slapdash
Made from heavy metal
But still rockin' this mustache!

Bring along Toxitron cuz we love dirty work
Let him gross out the Autos, that's the best that he's worth
From the spires of Metroplex
To the depths of Trypticon
Here to bust out Master Megs
So the con is on!

The con is on (it's on, it's on) [x4, fade-out]
Tags: fandom, music, transformers, writing
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