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A Saturday Good Enough to Post About

Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in a while, so here's the bullet-pointed version.

- Got up not terribly early to go put in three hours (9-1) at the side job, cleaning off cars at a park-and-fly lot. Was soaked and moderately chilled through by the time I finished, but I ran an errand or two afterwards and headed home.

-Was greeted by beloved wife, who was making pancakes! <3 Had enough time to shower before the batch was done; and it was good.

- Relaxing downtime, happy chit-chat.

- Dropped stuff off at the library, picked up bird-seed and suet, then embarked on a small indulgence we've chatted about before. It was about this point in the day that Amanda commented getting to sleep in and then spend the day running errands with me is her favorite time of the week. <3

- The indulgence was making an approximately half-hour drive into Ballston Spa to go to Willow Marsh Farm. It's a local farm that's one of the few places in the state authorized to sell raw milk. They also sell their own homemade cheese, baked goods, granola, yogurt, beef, lamb, and veal. They sell eggs too, but we didn't poke around enough to find out if they had chicken coops on the farm as well. We passed a place just a little bit before we got there that touted fresh eggs, so they may be working with another local farm.
They have a self-service store about the size of our dining area which was very nice. We grabbed cookies, milk, and "garlic lover's cheddar" made from the farm's raw milk, left our money in the cash drawer (gotta love a venue with enough faith in humanity to use an honor system), and went on our merry way back home.

- We got home, I made bacon cheeseburgers and we sampled the raw milk. Not a remarkable difference, but the stuff made with it was awesome. Get on that later.

- Grocery shopping, store was nicely vacant for the most part, and we got out before the snow really started coming down again.

- Got home, unpacked, Amanda gave me a back-rub with this mustard oil that does wonders for sore muscles, which made me very happy.

- Cheddar, sesame bread, Essensia from Quady Winery, and cookies and milk; while watching Leverage. The cheddar was crumblier than I usually like my cheese, but it was delicious. The cookies were fantastic, and the raw milk went with them like... well, like wine with cheese.

- Downtime for the rest of the evening. Kitties were played with.

So yeah, a good day.
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